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We offer expert grooming 7 days a week! We do quality grooming at low, low prices! All breeds & all styles! We offer different bath options including hot oil, medicated and oatmeal! Come find out why we are the best and busiest grooming shop around! Your best friend will experience a pampering experience at the hands of our grooming experts.We do it all! Cut nails, clean ears, de-shedding, cuts and styles or just a de-skunk bath if needed!

Regular works

Bath & Flea dip, Nails cut, Ears cleaned and Brushing/cut. Small short-haired dogs.

Super works

Regular works PLUS- Oatmeal, Medicated bath, glands expressed and Hot oil treatment.

Manager’s Special

Super works PLUS- TEETH SCALED & BRUSHED! Short haired small dogs Starting at Small short-haired dogs.


Full pedicure (nail cut and grinding)

De Skunk bath and rinse

EZ SHED Treatment
Special conditioner revitalizes coat and de-sheds the dog easily


Nail clipping

Nail clipping and grinding

Ear Cleaning

Teeth Scaling and Brushing