We strive to provide the best quality pet services available anywhere at the best possible prices!

Here at Weymouth Dog Shop we offer complete professional Dog Obedience Training for you and your best friend.

In training your dog, we teach the dog the most important things in the world-LISTENING & RESPECT!!! This is done in a way that is both fun and motivating for your best friend.

Our Certified Professional Trainer, Tom Morse, has trained extensively at National K-9 Academy in Columbus, OH. He offers many programs to suit you and your dog’s needs and schedule.


“Real obedience training for you and your best friend!!” All training is done one-on-one for maximum effectiveness! Offering:

*Residency Programs
*Private lessons
*Puppy Head Start Program
*E-Collar Programs All Phases to fit your needs!!

Initial Consultations & Evaluations Recommended. When training with us your dog is gaining many, many valuable things, far too many to list here. Here are a few key points


Your dog will learn valuable obedience commands. Heel, sit, down, stay and come to name just a few.

Leash Control

You will get on-leash control of your dog! Imagine your dog with MANNERS! No more tug of war, pulling and jumping!


All of this teaches - LISTENING! Your dog will start to respect you, and in turn his listening skills will improve dramatically.


Your dog can finally learn to understand you! We teach the dog in a simple way that he can understand! (Simple for you, too)


This is fool-proof, real obedience training that you and your dog will love! We offer different programs to suit every dog.


from 3 to 10 days long. Tom will train your dog while he stays at our kennel, then teach you how to enforce and practice what the dog already has learned!!!

Private Lessons

that teach you, the owner how to properly train your dog at home! Tom spends individual time with the dog and the owner so you can understand all aspects of the training! It is a more hands-on approach for the dog owner who wants to control his dog and get the dog to listen properly! *We also offer a Puppy Head Start Program for your new puppy- offering all the info you will need to get off on the right PAW!